Rogier Houwen is an Amsterdam based artist who uses photography to expose the relationship between nature and human perception. His work investigates three realities: the natural reality; the distorted reality of perception; and the reality in which perception dissolves into the natural reality. These realities are brought to light by Houwen’s diverse subjects, ranging from Icelandic wilderness to an unexposed sheet of photographic paper and from the ribs of a chest to a toothpick. Hence his photographs are a means for contemplating the human perspective on nature.

When we speak of nature, what are we actually referring to; and if we make a distinction between the natural and unnatural, where do we stand?

In his projects ‘Matter, Mirror’ (2015), ‘Parallel’ (2017) and ‘Slow Motion’ (2018) Houwen illuminates the elasticity of perception and explores the boundaries of the (un)recognisable. The result is a dialogue between the natural and unnatural, that continues in ‘Élan Vital’ (2019) and ‘Towards The Rays’ (2020). There, minimalism and expressionism are brought together in a duet.

Houwen’s work is represented by Kahmann Gallery and has been exhibited at numeral occasions such as Unseen Amsterdam, Haute Photographie Rotterdam, Pan Amsterdam and Museum Hilversum. Being an experienced and enthused analogical photo printer, Houwen helps develop the photographic work of other artists; over the past four years he has printed Willem Diepraam’s oeuvre, to be seen in a retrospective exhibition at the Rijksmuseum in June 2020.


1992, Laren, The Netherlands


BA Photography and Design, HKU University of The Arts Utrecht, Graduated in 2015.

Internship w/ Peter Svenson, Amsterdam Analogical Photoprinting, 2014


Haute Photographie, Art Rotterdam, 2019
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Haute Photographie, Art Rotterdam, 2018
Kunstbeurs De PAN, Amsterdam, 2018
Unseen, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, 2017
Haute Photographie, Art Rotterdam, 2017
Rare, Kahmann Gallery, Amsterdam, 2016
In Persuit Of, Kahmann Gallery, Amsterdam, 2016
Amsterdam Art, Museumplein, Amsterdam, 2016
Haute Photographie, Art Rotterdam, 2016
Scapes, Kahmann Gallery, Amsterdam, 2016
This Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, 2015
Graduation Show, HKU, Utrecht, 2015
Windows, Walls Gallery, Amsterdam, 2012


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