Towards The Rays

In a seed we might see
potentialities of many trees
Within it, we could say,
a force induces sprouting
to grow beyond the surface 
And rise towards the rays

Even if we are doubting 
In the midst of nature’s play
the force inducing sprouting
Likewise causes doubting
While it also breeds the rays

And if it will or will not nowadays
In it evermore lies dormant
An urge which is adorement 
For its rise towards the rays

Book: 'Parallel', 2017, 400 copies


The making of this book happened at a tipping point of Rogier Houwen’s work: a shift from landscapes and portraits to abstraction and minimalism. For the selection of the book the idea was to put together the figurative and the abstract and shape them into a poem that transcends the logical and invite the intuitive. However different the selected works may look, if one takes time to explore, the correlations between the seemingly opposite worlds will be revealed. This is where the title comes in, Parallel; two worlds that coexist and do not seem to touch. It’s a paradox; but is it what it seems to be?

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